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FULL KIT intuitive design and at 109 grams means this lightweight hard hitting mod is a "Little Monster"! Hybrid 510 Fit 25mm RDA 10mm Copper Contact Comfort Grip Takes the following batteries: (Vitality mods USA preferred battery of choice Samsung 30T) 21700 20700 20650 18650 Self Adjusting Anti Battery Rattle With a robust factor, the Culverin RDA Dripper is constituted in Stainless Steel (Grade 304) with different colours of choice. You can find expensive canons dear to Broadside Mods with beautiful engravings. The particularity of the Culverin RDA can be found on the construction plate with a post in Stainless Steel and a second post in Copper. The Culverin RDA connection is 510 standard and in Silver Plated Steel which adapts to a majority of Mods. The drip tip is in "Wide Bore" with 810 standard in Delrin and in a coned form for more comfort. Assemblies in Double Coils On the Culverin RDA we find 2 posts for the relatively volumed assemblies. The positive pole which is in Copper with an insulator in PEEK. The negative pole in Stainless Steel of grade 304. With 25mm diameter of the dripper which allows a numerous type of complex cables. The entries are large and have a vertical fixation with 2 large screws for the rapid and efficient installation. With the plate, the Culverin RDA offers 2 aeration vents which are adjustable. Features of the Culverin RDA: Height 35 mm Diameter 25 mm Connection 510 Silver Plated Type of Plate Double Posts Drip-tip 810 Cone / Delrin Type of Assembly Double Coils The Culverin RDA Broadside Dripper is made in the USA by BJ Box Mods. The Culverin RDA Dripper is delivered with: 1 Culverin RDA 1 Cotton Pad 1 Z-Coils 1 510 Pin 1 Detached Pieces Kit 1 Screwdriver Shipping notice : All packages ship via USPS in the United States and for international orders. The processing time for orders is 3-5 business days. After that, delivery time within the United States is 3-6 days, and 10-15 business days internationally. Please keep in mind that during holidays or limited edition launches, this time may vary. Thank you for your patience - good things come to those that wait and these are stunning creations from a company with great ethics “ Bulk up your order with a variety of liquids and accessories and these will be shipped immediately from the uk Free of charge - no excess shipping fees . Thankyou for shopping with SecondVape