AVB Liquids - the range - 50ml

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Raspberry cheesecake supreme :

A delicious cheesecake baked to perfection with added fresh ripe raspberries, try our full flavoured raspberry supreme cheesecake your taste buds will be in heaven.


Vine :

A refreshing white grape soda with a white wine edge.


Wiseman :

Fresh watermelon and fresh strawberry with slight sour taste… Fresh fruits explosion!!!


Custdoh :

A deep fried fresh doughnut full of deep thick dairy custard, finished off with a sweet sugar glaze. This authentic tasting doughnut flavour is a AVB all time favourite.


Dilly Dilly :

A medieval salted caramel infused custard, fit for a king.


Humble crumble :

Delicious apple and cinnamon filling topped with a warming crisp crumble top


Karomel latte :

A smooth dry roast coffee , with a distinct old school caramel , a perfect blend of a real sweet coffee blend


Kola chu :

A cola refresher bar, sour and fizzy.


Monkeys blood :

Mr Whippy ice cream with strawberry & raspberry sauce. Just like at the seaside


Murfs blood  :

A fallback to your childhood.

Blue slush puppy flavour that is exactly like drinking the real thing, a deep sour raspberry.


Nar nar mooshake : 

A super creamy banana milkshake with extra ice-cream , bordering on a mousse with how creamy it is.


Custard creme eclair:

 Custard crème eclair. Vanilla crème (like a vanilla slice cake filling) and a rich choux pastry borrowed from a eclair cake, with a hint of maple syrup for a deep satisfying creme.


The entire range of AVB liquids is 60vg/40pg