Face Masks x10 (PM2.5)

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Seems this is a new thing , helping others . A social shout out gone mad !


Friends , colleagues and customers served with safety , now opened up to you lot !


Why 10 ? Seems the magic number. 2 adults , 2 kids .... 2 sets for each of those and 2 spare incase any get lost .


These are reusable hence 2 sets of plus spare for the family (or friends,  or someone you just give a toddle about) 


10 masks shipped as quick as horses can carry them , that is my offer to you all .


Frequently asked questions :


Are they washable 

Yes indeed they are , we suggest changing daily as per govt. recommendations - hence 2 sets , simply wash and repeat - they dry really quickly 


Do they hurt your ears 

Myself and the folks already supplied are very happy after wearing paper masks with their almost wire ear hoops , avoid a migraine today !!


Do they make it harder to breathe than normal 

you will notice a difference but it's not uncomfortable - if you have breathing difficulties anyway then staying home seems the natural option. 


You will notice heat also this is only natural as your breathing through something that offers up resistance.