A brand that resonates with the ethos of our own . A better future with better products.

The garden of Mother Nature provides all we need for a happy, healthier life. A company that cares about the future and the impact that CBD has on lives.


Further more they care about something much larger than themselves .

Their mission statement:

At The Herb Kingdom we believe strongly in helping others. With this in mind we are pleased to be supporting Crohn’s & Colitis UK as our chosen charity. Thanks to our customers we have been making a monthly donation since March 2018. Our hope is that we can help in some small way to find a cure for Crohn’s Disease, which is something very close to home for us.

Our chosen charity and what we will be raising awareness of is Huntingtons Disease - something very close to home . Will you join us in our fight !

Judge for yourself

Compare our products with anything else you can find and you will see that the high CBD content (in milligrams) means we offer truly excellent value for money.

The CBD content of our products is fully guaranteed with 3rd party lab testing.