Stefan is one of the newest members of the team and he thrives on high quality liquids .... quality of quantity .Heres A little about Stefan, his setup and his aims within the community ! Our team of lovelies are simply amazing at connecting people with amazing products outside the realm of the hype train .

I am an avid UK-based vaper and have vaped for seven years now. I have used many different sets ups from your standard mtl setups right through to multiple battery higher end sub ohm mods and tanks. I have been a mech user for 4 years now with multiple 18650,20700,21700 and stacked mechs and loads of Rda's so I'm 100% a mech head and dessert vapes are my go to flavor profile.




Victory Liquid- Goldenchild & Cloudzilla
Firehouse- 999
Glas Basix- Blueberry Cake & Bannana Cream Pie
Wick Liqour- Carnival & Raspberry Kurimu & Forest Fruit Karimu
One Hit Wonder- Rocketman
Georgie Porgie- Both Flavors
Live Lounge - Blueberry Custard Tart


Cotton Bacon Prime
Ohm Chaser Coils
Battery Wraps - All Sizes
Batterys- Samsung 20s & and samsung 30T
RDA- Asgard mini/Asgard 30mm & Goon 25
Mechs - Nothing on site Id use
Regulated- Drag S, Drag X, Squidy DB,
Coils - Voopoo PNP series 0.3s mesh