Alignment in dark times - over at secondvape we believe in people over profits , which is why at times we go with substance over style - these guys have it all . Great tasting liquids that will satisfy and won't dent the wallet . It's with great pleasure that we introduce Billionaire Juice Co.

A little about them:


Our business is lead differently.

We recognise the sector and the products that we sell are often misrepresented and misunderstood. This places more responsibility on us to be honest and credible, never to exploit this often challenging information background to electronic cigarettes and vaping, and to stand up and fight for the truth and clarity that our customers need and should expect to support their decision making and confidence in our business and our products.

We are independent.

We are a privately run and owned business, which allows us to lead the company based on a list of things we desire to reach a goal and ways of thinking of rules that do not have to be purely commercially gave a reason to do something. This freedom means we can be a leader, we can fight for the best interests of our customers and our company, when others are unable and unwilling to do the right things.

We must be open and transparent.

This influences all our decision making. If we cannot  truly offer products and services that we know not to be in the best interests of our customers then we will not. You are our number one source of business improvement and we securely make sure that our business is held to account.