Vape expo 2018 - The return

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Vape expo 2018 - The return 

As with every exhibition we attend we were well prepared ..... hotel booked,vehicle ready , bags packed , mountains of vape gear and go !!!!

we were late on the opening day due to traffic conditions but it didn’t put us off - we were roaring to get in and show some support to our team approved brands all of which were well in their stride upon our arrival . Unfortunately someone was too busy talking to everyone to take an abundance of pictures for you guys . Blame the boss that guy can talk 

(images below ) 

Vape expo 2018 - The return

That’s pretty much it (see above ) oooops

fortunately day 2 was far better - we met up with Scott and kayley from blessing in disguise . It’s always a pleasure bumping into those guys . 

We walked around and spoke to all of our friends and followers for what seemed like hours , time speeds up at expo hours feel like minutes as there’s always something going on or catching your eye , we bumped into firehouse vape first off who were very welcoming as always (mark and the team were on hand to show us their new upcoming label designs and talk about their experience of the show so far ( they sold out of certain flavours toward the end of Saturday which is testimony to the sheer quality of their juices ) 

Next visit was to AVB liquids - we were glued to the stall for a while and fighting through the thick crowd to get a few bottles of the eagerly anticipated “dilly dilly and Humble Crumble “ we weren’t dissapointed , great work Andy

next up was riot squad - these guys were swamped all weekend . The whole team were busy , these guys are super friendly and love what they create , we tried more of the ranges .... it felt cheeky not to and we’ve tried them before many times . You guys rock 🤟

next up was v30 

the guys were out in force and teamed up with a great CBD supplier , Major flavour , custard company and the collector were all on the stand , managed to grab some time speaking with the team and the one and only Toby Brassington aka proffesor of clouds , again refreshers were had and an instant spark of familiarity clicked and reminded us why these guys are part of team approved - I was to drag away form the banana custard it’s my all time favourite of the custard company line up , but they’re all great . Great work guys 

there were so many world class manufacturers and famous faces around - we sampled a lot of new products and hunted down more new flavours and equipment to add to the increasingly popular ranges on the website . We didn’t come back empty handed ..... our main aim this expo was to find some great international juices and home grown salt nic to join the ranks . The US delivered on some great cereal juice ..... available now !!! Say hello to GRAHAM SLAM by Mamasan . After lengthy testing sessions the team deliberated and we chose our New nic salt offering .... available now “POD SALT” the silky smooth flavour filled uk juice is quite frankly amazing in the plethora of salt nic offerings 10 flavours all of which hit like a truck on those nic cravings . And so mellow on the throat hit in comparison to many other brands out there 

we discovered some great mods and pod devices and are currently in talks with manufacturers on many many things that will be hitting the website . We are such a fussy bunch but every thing that hits the website must be customer orientated , we don’t cut deals and offer poor quality products . The team hunt down quality , affordability and sustainability and we work with some amazing suppliers and manufacturers to bring that to you guys 

All in all - The return was a great event for the team and everyone involved . We’ve been asked if we are going to have a stand at the next expo by a lot of people ........ our answer ........ no !!! We’re here to support great manufacturers and our customers 


Weve been asked the same questions many times at expo so it’s time to de bunk any myths or rumours

Are we going to make our own range of juices? ..... no !!! The market is flooded with new start ups in juices many of which are created in poor conditions and sold to local shops where they’re sold at massively reduced prices - this is possible due to lack of anything resembling quality , insurance and morals - were here to support and work along side great companies. Is it fear that stops us ..... Never we fear nothing and have an army at our backs . An army of friends , loyal customers and Respect . We aren’t afraid of saying no if something doesn’t cut the grade  

whats next for you guys ? 

Were just going to keep doing what we’re doing - bringing new ideas to the community and manufacturers - social brands and customer 2customer are testament to what we are aiming to achieve .... making changes is what we do 

we have launched a merch range - this includes T-shirt’s , flight cases (we want you to protect your mods)and some other things !?!? Coming soon 



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