The SecondVape Mech Guide - Safety

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Weaponry - The SecondVape Mech Guide - Safety

A Mechanical Mod is an unregulated device without a Chipset/Circuit Board. There is only one button which connects your battery to your atomiser.

Why use a Mech Mod?


- Preferable shape

- Collectable

- Fashionable

- Raw power straight to the coil / warmer vape(outstanding performance

- Customisable (Personalise the kit) cosmetically pleasing

Understanding Ohms Law and Coil Building

Before you own a Mechanical Mod / Unregulated Device we advise you have knowledge of Ohms Law and experience of building your own coils safely. An Ohm Meter Reader is vital if you are using an Unregulated Device so you can read the resistance of your coil build and make adjustments if necessary. Ohms Law = a law stating that electric current is proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance.

Why is this important for Unregulated Mods?

To prevent your Battery trying to provide more Amps than it is capable of. This will cause the battery to overheat and could cause it to vent with catastrophic consequences. The lower the Resistance of your Coil, the higher Amps will be required to fire the coil. We recommend you use the popular Vaping Calculator website Steam Engine to help you calculate. This calculator is to help you build coils to the resistance you require and to the performance of your Battery. ALWAYS USE AN OHM METER READER!

You should always confirm the Resistance of your Coils on an Ohm Meter Reader before 'Firing' on your Mechanical Mod. The Ohm Meter Reader will give you an exact resistance of your build. This is important so that you can ensure that you do not exceed the Max Amp of the battery.

Knowing your Batteries

We highly recommend that you use branded batteries suitable for vaping such as: SONY 18650 VTC5a or VTC4’s or the Samsung 18650 25-r with your Mechanical Mods but please adhere to the following: Note: If using the Samsung 18650 25-r it is best to build your coils to a higher resistance of 0.2ohms and up. Stop using your Battery when it is below its discharge rate (3.6v) Stop using your Battery if you notice any tears in the Wrapper or Black Spots.

Store Batteries externally in a Battery Case or Battery Sleeve- Do not carry these Batteries naked and in contact with metal objects.

Using the correct battery with the right current discharge is vitally important. A Samsung 18650 25r has a continuous discharge rate of 20 amp. Therefore building a little higher than 0.2 Ohms would be ideal.

VTC4/VTC5a have a higher discharge rate of 25 Amps and therefore would be slightly safer for use at 0.2 ohms and lower.If you feel like your device is overheating then stop using it immediately. Remove the battery if possible and let it cool down.We recommend that you safely discard of your Battery after 6 months of use. Check out the Battery expert Mooch on Facebook for his extensive research in Battery performance and safety.

Venting In the event of misuse, the Battery could release gases and may explode. This is why it is important to use a Mod with adequate vent holes which will release the gas safely.

Misuse of Battery: - Ripped battery sleeves - Resistance of the coil build is too low - Allowing the battery to drop down to an unsafe voltage   Using a Hybrid Top Cap Mod safely A Hybrid Top Cap allows for a direct connection between your atomiser and your battery for a harder and faster hitting vape. Attach the atomiser to the Top Cap before adding your battery and switch to prevent a short circuit (Negative - meets + Positive). When using a Hybrid Top Cap it is IMPORTANT to make sure you use the correct atomiser. At the base you will notice the 510 connection. You will need an atomiser with a protruding positive pin. It is dangerous to use an atomiser with a flat positive pin on a hybrid top cap due to the negative pin that surrounds it, this increases the chance of the negative pin coming into contact with the positive part of your battery which could result in dangerous consequences.

Cylinder - The SecondVape Mech Guide - Safety

Maintaining your Mech Mod It is important to give your Mechanical Mod some TLC, especially if it is your All Day Vape setup. To clean the threads/switch we recommend using a 3-in-1 oil for a smoother connection.

Look after a mech mod and it will last you a lifetime in timeless beauty 

If you follow the safety guidelines and learn your craft there is so much enjoyment to be had from mechanical mods - as a team we use them daily in safety and without concern - listen to your instinct and listen to your mech ( they have a great way of telling you its time to ease off ) each mech is different but follow the above example and you'll be on the road to a very happy vape experience, the likes of which cant be had from a regulated device ….. its a passion !!!! and as with all things your passionate about..... you stick with it . 

Whether you use a regulated mod or mechanical mod your doing a great thing and remember SecondVape are here to support , educate and advocate 

Sugar - The SecondVape Mech Guide - Safety


if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us , a member of the team will always get back to you and point you in the right direction

much love #teamsecondvape

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