The Gift of Sweets

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Confectionery - The Gift of Sweets

Welcome to our new section - Butter them Up

as part of our equal opportunities belief we wanted to take a step intobeing thankful to our partners …. they allow us to buy new kit and accessories so we decided a nice little thankyou was in order.

Now this was a tricky one !! 

We have been asked on numerous occasions if we would ship items as a prize win or equivalent ….. That simply wont happen , as much as we would like to quench guilt its FROWNED upon by the team ha!

So say hello to the perfect gift ….SWEEEEEETS 

Not perfect for those on a health kick but a great sentiment none the less

(Or even a treat for you )

We pondered long and hard on this one - is it right for a vape company to offer sweets ?

Of course - its an over 18's only site and our policys and ethics reflect this 

Vapers and adults alike can eat sweets …… WINNING !

Hours of debate and actual rational thinking later - we stocked up and locked it in 

Why deny life's simple pleasures when we all crave the sweet stuff ! (in moderation - don't chow down on a jumbo box of gummies - we care about your health and teeth)

Ebay sell Dildos , Penny whistles and Car parts so I'm sure you will all embrace our move towards change and treating those that matter 



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