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The Flatline Rda by Vitality mod co

well they are here .... the wait is over .

The Flatline Rda 


Text - The Flatline Rda by Vitality mod co

As expected the Engineering , thought process and quality are superb ..... 25mm of heaven 


upon opening up the lovely little branded box we pulled out the spares bag .... plenty of spares action going on . A definate win from vitality 


The real beauty was underneath 

Tin - The Flatline Rda by Vitality mod co  

Look at that Finnish and the stainless is simply stunning too - lovely double O-ring action - the cap simply glides on .... manufacturing tolerance is superb . We’ve all been there - cap shredding the O- Rings trying to get the cap on and off . 

None of that here 


Food - The Flatline Rda by Vitality mod co 

A huge juice well is just one of the plus points ..... the unique clamp design is absolutely fantastic . We had no issues with installing any combo of coils in the mother of an rda . Go as wide as you can it can take it .... huge coil capacity 


Ammunition - The Flatline Rda by Vitality mod co 

Now we’re talking - 


Airflow - with a plethora of tiny airholes this thing is as loosey Goosey or as tight as you’d like ... going back to machining tolerances ..... perfect on the Oring action before , during and after adjustment ..... silky!! 


It truely is an honour and a pleasure working closely with vitality and this , their first Rda is going to open peoples eyes on quality and experience 


look out for the reviews - if they don’t align with the above they are simply wrong ..... but they will 


quality product , great company and with full support from SecondVape in the UK and European markets .... let’s do this 



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