Stoptober take 2

Posted by Dan-Phillip Naisbett on

We were majorly excited to play out part in creating quitters in September... which is why we took the executive decision to make it a year round process .

Human - Stoptober take 2

What does this mean ....


Buckle up and get ready !!! Subsidised packages designed exclusively for wanna be quitters . We already have the best value and quality Eliquid in the UK and this move will help us repay the great manufacturers whilst helping the nation . 


What else will you see ?

Exclusive offers on CBD , hardware and exclusive products .

Are these exclusive for new customers?


Not at all . During stoptober we realised that you are everything , a truly humbling time where seasoned vapers helped .... we saw customers buying our deals for their friends and family . Now that's giving back !

And this is why we are taking this step .... people care and we care about people . Consumer state be gone we are here for you !!


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