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As a lot of you guys and girls are probably aware , our chosen charity is Blessings in Disguise and the team behind this is Scott and Kayley …… A little about their story

On the 17th April 2015, my second daughter, Evana was born weighing a healthy 7lb 6oz. She was tiny and fit into dolls clothes but she had the brightest blue eyes and the most beautiful blonde hair. When Evana was 8 weeks old, we noticed that she had not learnt to smile and as she got older, we noticed that she was not reaching any milestones. Evana could not bear weight at all so we took her to the GP who referred Evana to the hospital.

A few months later, we found out by microarray test that Evana has a rare genetic condition, 15q11.2 microdeletion. It causes Evana to be very delayed. She was 2 when she took her first steps. She’s now 3 and she still cannot roll, run or jump. She has hypermobile joints which cause her great pain. Her speech and understanding is also delayed. She also has absent seizures. Evana is constantly exhausted from working so hard. Even a two minute walk can leave her in bed for hours or screaming in pain. She also hates crowds of people and loud noises. Apart from this, she is the happiest, cheekiest, Peppa Pig obsessed girl. However she faces many barrier to everyday life and misses out on a lot of experiences.

We have decided this year to raise as much money as we can for Blessings in Disguise because of the amazing opportunities they have given to us as a family.

Life with a child with special needs isn’t always easy, especially when there is other children involved. But Blessings in Disguise have given us multiple days out which has given our children the best memories and shown Evana that she can have fun with her brother and sister despite her difficulties.

Blessings In Disguise have given us a trip to the fair, a circus visit and a ticket to a Christmas party where Evana was able to play with other children like her. She also got to meet Santa for the first time at the Christmas party, we had never been able to take her before.

Every single day out we have had with Blessings in Disguise is another memory we have made that isn’t in a hospital room. It gives us a chance to be a normal family and means that Evana’s siblings don’t have to be told ‘no sorry we can’t because you’re sister wouldn’t like it’ something they have gotten used to hearing.

Every time we have a new experience with Blessings In Disguise is a time we get to see the biggest smiles on our children’s faces. 

So far this year, Evana and Erica have ran a family mile raising £98 and we have raised over £150 in a charity raffle. We would love to make it £1000 before the end of the year, £756 will take us there! 

If you can, please donate, it will help to give other families the experiences that we have had thanks to Blessings In Disguise.

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Recently the vape community came together and we created what can only be claimed as …. The Biggest giveaway in history within the vape scene - each and every company involved truly helped to create something magical for this family and their continued fight 

But the story doesn't end there we plan on supporting scott ,Kayley and family long term and will be heavily involved in their journey - we love you guys and plan on raising awareness and aiding wherever possible .

Tickets for up and coming raffles will be available here to add on to orders to be in with a chance of entering the facebook raffles - lets keep the community strong and work together on improving lives , there wont be a limit on the number of tickets available to each cutomer and full details will appear here on dates ,prizes and draw times ……. so keepyour eyes peeled . all monies received will go directly to Blessings in Disguise so they can continue helping families like scott and kayleys 


Stay tuned for events and raffles in the very near future 


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