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You may have noticed that we’ve changed our postal options - after a sit down with the team we’ve been looking at risk limitation .
After many hours around the table we brought up shipping costs and the importance of increased value and safety ..... safety ?
We picked on safety a while back and dangers - this isn’t a scare mission but a message of care
why we choose signed postage?
after deliberating and weighing up costs vs effect we looked at risks of non signed for postage - outside interference from pets or children were high up there .... what if an animal bit through a package or a child inadvertently got a hold of a package ! The thought was mind bending . We have been contacted many times to post things standard or non tracked due to customers working arrangements . So we are clamping down and as part of new procedure we will no longer make outside arrangements - this has now become company policy “ everything will be signed or tracked and signed dependant on postal service selected . There will be absolutely no bending of the rules and we will foot the additional costs , your safety , and safety of your pets and children are more important .* International shipping costs may see a slight increase but in the scheme of things - doing the right thing is far more important to us and our customers


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