Mystery Box Madness

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Box - Mystery Box Madness

Mystery box anyone ? 

We see the need to provide added value !

not always the prettiest option but in life you truely get what you pay for 

premium option not guaranteed but enough liquid to keep you going 

blah blah blah 

following trend isn’t always the best option but our boxes are pretty damned good 

we always try to keep it classy sooooooo 

our mystery boxes are filled to the bring with tasty liquids ..... not premium for the best part but certainly enough to keep you off the smoke wagon 

never ones to dress a wolf in sheep’s clothing ! 

Perfect for bargain hunters that aren’t too fussy on brand 

all inclusive of nic shots to create 3mg strength liquid 

so if your into a bargain and not too ashamed to admit it .... these are for you !! 

We do provide a huge selection on site and support some well amazing companies 

so if mystery isn’t your style we have 1000’s or liquids just for you 

some companies make a living from providing a cheaper option .... go figure 

now and again we will throw a mod or tank in to keep the free thing hunters happy 

don’t judge us on the contents , we do try and put lovely things in but fact of the matter is most of these liquids are cheap .... so cheap we can still make a small profit , if your after monster deals then we have 1000ml , 500ml and 250ml packages available 





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