Morningstar Hustle

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once in a while something special comes along - a great product and a manufacturer with a vision . As soon as we clapped eyes on concept we as a team were hooked 

 Pen - Morningstar Hustle

 How times change - but the belief is real


Light - Morningstar Hustle


Morningstar - HuStLe

a journey we embarked on in the design stage which is pretty rare these days , the owner of Morningstar Mr oggy , has fast become a personal friend and an absolute delight of a human . All process is in house right here in the UK ... which again is very rare . 

A product that’s designed , engineered and packaged in Britain . The man is a genius 

since the inception there have been many variants and we are very proud to be holding these products in our stock room . 

The current is the Hustle moo moo edition . 

These are a little special - they come with hand turned resin sleeves that are truely spectacular and a sight to behold . Moo moo are certainly a company you should check out for your custom tips and sleeve needs but the hustle that’s on us .

Live by the sword - die by it 

quite often ones to put our money where our mouths are - we believe in the product .... it performs on a spectacular level . That V2 switch has simply improved on perfection - now constant contact it hits harder than ever 

Over the next few weeks we will be throwing out some awesome deals from our premium manufacturers - the latest the moo moo bundle . Not available on the website these are for true fans of our company and theirs 

what we have 

1x moo moo edition hustle - stainless 

1x moo moo sleeve (extra sleeve)

1x Flatline 25mm rda by Vitality mod Co (stainless or flat black)

the price ?

£200 that’s a huge saving on £240 rrp including shipping . It’s good to be social and we love chatting to you guys . 

Its time for a change it’s time to connect 


Bottle - Morningstar Hustle


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