Huge success - Butter them Up

Posted by Peter Walker on

The introduction of the Butter them up section has gone down with the intention it was meant - which is great news .... feedback has been great . Lots of happy partners . Smiles is what it’s all about for the team - doing things differently with conviction ! 


Confectionery - Huge success - Butter them Up


Why do things differently .... simple . We saw a need - why should your partner or friends miss out in the excitement 


we are an over 18 store which is fantastic 


a recent customer summed it up in a one liner 


“ if you walked into any shop around the country you’d be able to purchase sweets or gum at a cigarette counter ..... we applaud you SecondVape as always your doing things differently “ 


we do enjoy bending expectation and why not - we are looking at introducing a well being section in the very near future that will pave the way to achieving our goals - people being happy and living a fulfilled life . Quit smoking , have fun in the process and develop your inner worth .... we have met so many people in the last few years . Great people but we see a need to help .... CBD is only phase one . Hold on to your britches - join our groups across social media and prepare for revolution 




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