Entering a NEW age

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Outdoors - Entering a NEW age

The last few years have been a bit of a whirlwind - in a great way , I thought it best to just take a moment and express how truly greatful we are as a company for all of the support and well wishes from customers and Manufacturers alike . Without you this journey wouldn't have been possible 

The faith in secondvape , our directors and team have been heart warming - we've had our rough patches . But you all hung on in there and for that we are greatful 

Over the last year we have expanded - 

Now utilizing two Warehouse locations and a Lab , stocking the most comprehensive range of products in the UK from Vape items to CBD products and a quickly expanding team . 

Text - Entering a NEW age

Algorithm Labs - Our first ever step into E-liquid manufacturing . ISO 5 accreditation and the launch range aptly named Algorithm has gone down a storm based on its zero additional sweetener . Possibly the most coil friendly liquid in the UK . innovation !! the #coilappeal generation is firmly planted 

and lots more Dreams in the pipeline with new flavours to join the ranks and a new Range in the pipeline that will be an industry first …. shhhhh

Greatful customers : We get a lot of personal thankyous and this is testament to our continued efforts in our field . You are all individuals and we like to think we treat you as such , with care and commitment 

Customer service commitment : No man or woman left behind. We ensure packages are sent with great haste and care , we aim to send all parcels that land within cutoff the same day and so far this year we have had a 100% success rate and our boring KPI reflect this well , we go above and beyond as we believe that you are more important than the products we sell , and its that simple 

Our growing social media and groups are testament to you , you have helped create the community so a moment to thank each and every one of you and the team for their caring nature 

we believe in people often creating opportunities and aiding in skill development 

People over everything 



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