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Back in early 2018 we launched this format on our website and since changing hosts it’s just been a bit manic - we now have a dedicated product team that will be at your disposal .... we’re bringing the safety back !
Terms and conditions
How does it work ?
Its a simple process - (we’ve integrated a portal making It even easier ) simply upload images and descriptions along with price inc postage .
The end user then purchases the product . At this point a member of the team will contact you with shipping details . You pack and ship your item to the end user , once were assured they are happy then payment is released .
images :
images must be clear and show any imperfections - do not include name and date .... this isn’t necessary and will be rejected
description : you must describe your product accurately mentioning any scrapes or damages - never upsell the quality of your item or it will lead to the product team contacting you for edits to the listing .
Eg - Squid industries (Double barrel V3) 8/10 no box included
(9/10 is immaculate ) only items still in original packaged and unopened can be classed as (10/10)
Shipping : Always ship your items signed for at a minimum preferable tracked - include this cost in your overall price ! We won’t be held liable for costing issues . Ensure your items are packaged well in a padded bag or box - use our online chat system to send us an image of your postal receipt - we then attach this to the order
When do you get paid ?
once your end user receives the product and is happy with it ( confirming its as described ) we send you the payment within 24 hours minus the listing costs (this covers our time and merchant fees
How much will it cost ?
10% of the listing price
EG : modefined Draco 9/10 boxed (£35)
our fee is £3.50
you get £31.50
not a lot for peace of mind right !!
This is a service - it takes time to create a listing and manage it from start to Finnish but we don’t look at making profits we want A safe platform
“you can add on liquids and accessories from site but please think of our overheads - we aren’t making money from this platform : ensure any add on items have a minimum value of £30 to hit “our“ free shipping values “
no discount codes to be used on customer to customer purchases or the order will be voided


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