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Posted by Patricia Koning on

The best way to tackle anxiety using CBD ..... for those of you that know me (I vape therefore I am - i own a vape company) So what about CBD as a treatment for anxiety ? What is the best way to tackle the dreaded A Beast ?

I get asked this often,along with a massing array of questions with regard to vaping ... how can Vaping CBD benefit me !

Anxiety doesnt have an on/off switch it's a behaviour pattern and not something that just "happens" overnight .

My advice:

Go low and steady , consistency is key. Ideally you want to be using CBD products throughout the day and vaping is a very effective way to do this ( vaping CBD has the fastest absorption route into the body )a relatively low dose throughout the day using a vape specific CBD liquid is key .

*fit for purpose - only use specifically manufactured CBD vape products *

Can I add nicotine ?

Slaying two beasts at a time !!

Yes you can but again low dose all the way , CBD suppresses the crave of nicotine .... so my advice on this is simple half the amount of nicotine you would generally use - if your on 3mg then I'd only add half a nic shot to a 50ml vapable CBD mix creating a 1.5mg mixture.


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