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Part 3 - CBD and sleep patterns , strength labelling and the effect cbd can have on your sleep issues 

Clock - CBD news - interview with Brendan

So brendan why did you first take the step into using CBD ? 

“I suffer MASSIVELY from insomnia I tried many CBD l b biquids to see if it would help, I also suffer from knee issues too.”

We’re you worried about using CBD and the fact you may be stigmatised for using the product ? 

“not even in the slightest, I had a colourful past and had done a lot worse, CBD is different, its completely legal, may taste a little earthy but not a lot of odour and often flavoured so no worries about people mistaking it for weed or anything illegal”

So How did it benefit you on a personal level ? 

“I  had some great CBD once so good i literally felt my muscles relax even a little heavy behind the eyes, it definately helped me sleep”

Tabletop - CBD news - interview with Brendan

Finding the right dose for you takes some guess work , and it’s a bit of a trial and error - each person is different and receptors can take a while to fully engage to receive full benefits . Increasing dosage slowly until you find the level your happy with 

So Brendan how would you feel about recommending CBD to others ? 

“Yes, I know many people that use it for all sorts of things, it is not a cure all but will help those with muscle pain, insomnia (to a degree) and even anxiety.
Just do not buy it in huge bottles as it is often isolates which are barely any use for the majority of people, stick to the more expensive brands with a fairly high MG and full spectrum

I find CBD a great product in general but my only gripe with it is that it is always mis-labelled and misleading as to the content of CBD and I believe they should all be labelled MG per ML just like nicotine to save confusion”

Plant - CBD news - interview with Brendan

In general price is a factor - with CBD products it is general rule of thumb that the higher strength and quality of the product , the higher the price tag . Always something to bear in mind when purchasing CBD . Sometimes a product may be labelled 1000mg but this may be 1000mg per 50ml . It’s best to look at % as a true indicator of strength of product - all cbd products on site come with lab reports ... best practice is to check these before finalising any purchase and if in doubt contact a member of the team 

Thankyou Brendan 



interview conducted by

Peter Walker

Ceo - SecondVape Limited 


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