CBD it’s not that scary

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CBD it’s not that scary

So what is CBD and what is it used for ? And why shouldn’t we fear it . 

Since CBD hit the mainstream the benefits are sneaking out everywhere and people are standing up and being heard on how it’s helped them in their daily lives - we can’t market CBD products as a miracle treatment but there is belief that it’s beneficial in many ways .... the extract is not to be feared , it does not get you high or make you lethargic . 

My story :

i was fearful of using CBD (go figure) scared I’d be tagged as a drug user , I took a step into the world of CBD back in mid 2018 , my sleeping patterns were all over the place and I found it hard to focus because of this .... maybe a tad bit of anxiety causing this to boot but , I live a busy life . So I grabbed some low dose CBD from one of our suppliers to try and after an initial week of thinking this isn’t working , it happened . 

A full nights sleep , it was strange I couldn’t feel anything building up it was like a switch just flicked and it happened 

now I put this down to fluke ....

over the next 2 weeks I tracked my sleep religiously 

I was sleeping like a baby , no fatigue and the brain engine was fully engaged and I was more focused than ever without needing granny naps ...... I’m old !

after a lot of research I learned that the human brain has Canibaloid receptors and these take a while to engage fully . 

What happened next ? 

Back on to the suppliers !

i upped my dose slightly with a stronger product .... not much stronger but I started asking myself “ how will this help pain “ back in 2010 I was involved in a horrific RTA which required spinal surgery . My plan was to be free of pain .

did it work ? 

Id like to say 100% yes but it took time . I regained a lot of flexibility- my body was holding me back . 

This increased flexibilty meant I could hit the gym harder and increase strength . 

I continue to take CBD to keep my rhythm and  I believe it gave me the freedom to get more active and let my body take over the fight on pain relief - more core strength as protection ... I still get pain from time to time but it’s managed better through excercise and CBD .

message :

Dont fear the unknown , sometimes it pays to step outside of your comfort blanket .... you won’t ever be classed as a drug user and it may help you in many ways if you allow it to 

that took some balls to write - I don’t often share my personal life on a plate like that but it’s a message I had to share 

Peter (Director)

Secondvape Limited 


(image and document credit @projectcbd.org)





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