CBD - interview with Patricia

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CBD from a customers view point 

Leaf - CBD - interview with Patricia


Before launch of our CBD section we spent months researching , testing and getting to know about the products we would be stocking 

We shared a post on social media today and someone answered - it takes a lot for people to step forward and be heard . The person in question Patricia an absolute delight of a human 


Plant - CBD - interview with Patricia

this is what we asked and her responses 

So Patricia Why did you feel the need to take CBD - (Quite a personal question - people in general don’t like to admit when there’s something wrong .... we intend to change that ) 


“ I have ADHD, thyroid issues and i had  to undergo two surgery's on my back last year . I have a lot of stress and suffer from insomnia “

So Were you fearful of purchasing CBD - there’s a lot of stigma about it being weed and there seems to be fear of being classed as a marijuana user


“No because i was well aware of the fact that CBD is a herb without the high making substance called thc.”


Not everyone is as clued up as Patricia - the truth is THC is only present in minute quantities in saleable CBD <0.2% it will never make you feel high , it does have a calming effect but not one of lethargy 

Sports - CBD - interview with Patricia


So Patricia how did CBD benefit you on a personal level ? 

“It made me calm on stress situations. I could focus better when i had to take a test/exam. Also it took away the sharp edges of my pain, and i slept so much better.”

CBD is believed to help focus , aid with sleep patterns and assist with pain - a helping hand when you need it most , a lot of athletes are now taking CBD as part of their daily supplement routine 


Hand - CBD - interview with Patricia


Finally would  you recommending CBD to others as a beneficial product ? 

“Yes i do all the time.”

Belief in a product is important as is research . It removes fear and helps others understand the benefits . CBD is entering the mainstream as a daily supplement and we at Secondvape believe in the natural progression of products in this niche , as a company we believe in people and wellbeing and if a product can help in that wellbeing then we are 100% behind it . 

Thankyou for your time and sharing your knowledge 

Many thanks to 

Patricia Koning 

Written and edited by

Peter Walker 




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