CBD - interview with Darren Pomfret

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 Plant - CBD - interview with Darren Pomfret

Round two - a customers view point  - his truth and his words . Personal experiences are forever welcome in our fight to raise awareness . Darren spoke out where others won’t and we applaud that


So Darren why  did you feel the need to take CBD ?

“Well I'd heard of it BUT i was very skeptical, I Honestly thought it was a placebo, Being part of different facebook groups I met many wonderful people, Jim at Sativa Kings, Steve Hoskins at cider Farms and Nick at CBD discount they all guided me and helped me with CBD to try and get my condition under control or at least help. They told me the different properties and I'll tell you my fear about it in the next question, I'd opted for the isolate version from sativa kings and managed to make a live stream while i was incapacitated and showed people what cbd was capable of doing as my recovery times were lengthy. I felt I needed something as to be honest in my mind it couldnt get any worse and I was ready to try anything”

 Darren shared his video with the world to show just how effective CBD is for him - scenes may be upsetting but the message is vitally important - the below link shows Darren’s story on a very personal level 


Were you fearful of purchasing CBD? there’s a lot of stigma about it being weed and the fear of being classed as a marijuana user


“NO as i knew the THC component was legal, i was worried it would make me feel stoned but with the exceptional guidance from the people i mentioned before the fear of getting it dissappeared, where i was very fearful was drugs tests... at the time I was going up for selection for Team GB para ice hockey team (in the end I couldnt be selected because of IPC certification requirements and it wasnt likey id be classified with my disability i can still train and play with the lads in non IPC events and games though) so would the THC come up in a blood test? this is where i was guided to the isolate as it doesnt have THC at all so I didnt have to worry about it staying in my system If I got selected”

How did it benefit you on a personal level?

“now this one i could be a bit rambly on, my condition and general disposition has allowed me to have alot of fun on facebook, I've met so many wonderful people and in a group called cloud king vapourz uk, they gave me a home and a group of people i refer to as my family, they have all helped me on my journey and been there when ive struggled, picked me up when i felt broken guided me to people that helped me with CBD, Sativa Kings (who i met through the group) gave me my first bottle of Isolate to vape with and some drops, Steve helped with liquid from cider farms to make sure i didnt over do the CBD and Nick from cbdiscount helped me with my first fullspectrum once i didnt have to worry about blood tests... its not just the CBD thats helped me its also the people behind the product.. being ex military its amazing to see the mentality of Stand with the person next to you, Pull up the man below you and respect those above you to create a place of equality... a place i now call home, a place thats enabled me to escape the restrictions i sometimes have”

The below link shows Darren after taking his CBD treatment - a stunning transformation and we thank you for sharing your story 


Plant - CBD - interview with Darren Pomfret

Would you recommend CBD to others as a beneficial product?

“This one is a no brainer YES YES YES YES!
I honestly thought this was a placebo or a gimmick!, Oh how wrong I was indeed, its sped up my recovery times, helped with anxiety and PTSD, calmed micro tremors, the list is endless, my Brain Farted and my body screamed 'DUDE THAT STINKS' so i ended up with multiple health conditions and abnormalities... CBD has helped with virtually all of them.
Remember one thing though especially for those of you who have just become disabled, you may feel broken, defective, unwhole even bitter... there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you find your way, CBD can help on that journey so dont dismiss it so easily.. for me my light was sport, but it also grew into the many people ive met along this journey of mine”


Outdoors - CBD - interview with Darren Pomfret 

 It’s heart warming how the vape community come together to help someone in need , but it takes for you to reach out and accept you need help for the process to begin , we can’t thank Darren enough for sharing his story with the world 


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and special thanks to Darren for the bravery in stepping forward and sharing his story with the world 


from everyone at Secondvape “Thankyou”



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