CBD cosmetics - are they buzzwording right now

Posted by Peter Walker on

The natural progression into a more luxury lifestyle ? Or a hype beast gone mad !

We all know the benefits of CBD but is it set to take over the cosmetics industry ?

UK manufacturing are heading the way with this one but its important to remember that this is a wellbeing choice not a false dream of luxury .... it does come with a price tag but is it worth the money ?

I've tried many a product from the cosmetics side of our product offering and as far as I see it , it will have a place in the emerging market..... does it have the same effect as CBD tinctures, vapeabale and edibles ?

Time will tell , on application of said products and I'm not afraid to say "being a man" in what is going to be predominantly a product base for the gentler sex . I did notice a relaxed euphoria which is a positive.

I have been using balms and creams on rough skin areas - I lift weights and also do a lot of manual work which does take its toll on the old skin , and I have noticed positive effects .

Bath bombs I would say are a luxury .... how much can you absorb in a sea of water , to me it seems like a one dip tea bag approach and I'd much rather apply direct to skin , but as a luxury and relatively low cost affair it can't hurt to indulge once in a while

(I'm brutally honest oooops)

Anyone else had experience using CBD cosmetics ?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


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